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L'art du Parquet en Europe aux 17e et 18e Siecles

For our own installations, we manufacture, install and refinish bespoke orders of historical parquets and decorative hardwood floors in any required and available lumber (over 200 species, 60 selected)

  • Exact copies or in specific size upon request or study of historical patterns such as Versailles, Louvre, Fontainebleau, d'Aremberg, Brittany, Vienna,
  • Borders with angle elements,
  • Medallions,
  • Embrasures,
  • Fireplace surrounds,
  • Specific planks for herringbones, points of Hungary, wings of fern,
  • Custom baseboards : any specifications on chosen available lumber.
Versailles Inlays Decorative Parquet and Historical Hardwood Floors in Calgary

Each element composing our milling is tongued and grooved and can be beveled and/or hand distressed.

Our projects are not repeated.

We assume the preparation of the subfloor when neccessary, for example: acoustic subfloor in condominiums and do not subcontract any phase of the work.

We provide service all over US & Canada.

Fully insured and bonded in US & Canada.

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